Maybe counselling in a room seems too intense for you or you feel you’ve spent too much time sitting inside and want to get outside in the fresh air. I am now able to invite you to share in ‘Walk and Talk Therapy’, a chance to get outside and into nature while experiencing the benefit of a counselling relationship. As in traditional therapy you set the pace but the dynamic of being outside is different, we will literally be side by side. There are many benefits to getting outside-

  • If you are feeling stuck the motion of walking forward can give you hope that you can mentally move forward
  • Being in nature can take you away from a world that promotes stress and negative thinking
  • Problems can feel more distant giving you the opportunity to look at them with fresh perspective
  • Walking promotes blood flow to the brain helping to form new ideas

The journey was as important as the arrival – Satish Kumar

Each session is 50 -60 minutes long and held in countryside in the Chew Valley just South of Bristol.   The cost of each session is £45.