In the last few months I’ve been feeling ok and have really let my morning routine slip. Gradually I have noticed my worry and busy head starting to return. This has really ramped up with all that is happening it the world at the moment and so I have been disciplined and reinstated the routine!

I think now more than ever having a routine in a world that is changing quickly and constantly is important. Why? A routine can bring you a sense of stability in these unstable times.

My morning routine goes something like this:

  • Wake up and spend a few minutes writing in my diary. I write down 3 things I am grateful for; it might be the morning weather, the good sleep I had or the friends I have in my life.
  • Then I spend 20 minutes exercising to get the endorphins going and give me a sense of achievement early in the day!
  • I follow this with a 10 minute meditation, I really enjoy the meditations on the Calm app, they’re easy to follow with no pressure to clear your mind of all thoughts.

I find this simple start to the day leaves my mind feeling less anxious and overwhelmed. I also remind myself regularly that these are anxious times and it’s ok to feel that way.

To finish my day before I go to sleep, I go back to my diary and write down 3 good things I experienced today; one of them is usually coffee and now a facetime with friends is making a regular appearance along with finding things, like my earphones!


Helen Lyon is a qualified counsellor, offering one to one counselling sessions with individuals aged 18 + in South Bristol.